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Managing Consumer Debt Through Bankruptcy

In total, American consumers carry over a trillion dollars in consumer credit card debt. This is in addition to auto loans, home mortgages and other personal loans. It should not be surprising that consumer debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy in America. When bankruptcy becomes your best debt management option, you need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Hassler Kondras Miller LLP began its work in 1932. Since then, our attorneys have worked tirelessly to uphold our reputation for personalized and trustworthy legal services. We are proud of our excellent reputation. For custom bankruptcy services without judgment, call 877-656-7602.

Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice For Your Situation?

In general, bankruptcy is not the most desirable option. If you can, we highly encourage you to negotiate your debt burdens without beginning bankruptcy proceedings. However, there are many circumstances wherein bankruptcy is the only option.

Our lawyers will help you evaluate your position through important questions such as:

  • Have you attempted debt negotiations?
  • What is your income level and how does that impact your bankruptcy options?
  • If bankruptcy is the best option, how can you protect your most valued assets?

Bankruptcy can be overwhelming. It can also be a fresh start for many individuals and households. Our firm guides you to a better future.

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