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Divorce rate trending up

The year has been extremely challenging on many levels. Stress and uncertainty in life can place personal relationships under additional strain. Difficulties can bring simmering problems to the suface, including problems within a marriage.

Following other reports regarding divorce rates, the authoritative BBC is the latest to find that the rate of divorce has gone up in 2020, not just in England but also in Sweden, China, the United States and elsewhere. Its’ research cited a 122% jump over 2019 at a leading law firm that handles divorce as well as interviews with attorneys, therapists and academics. These experts say that the breakup boom of 2020 is real, with more to come in 2021.

Circumstances brings things to a head

The challenges of this year have been a catalyst for splits that likely would have happened a few years down the line. The increased time people are being forced to spend together may encourage couples who had separate routines confront the flaws in the relationship.

More women pushing for the change

According to one source, the number of women initiating the change is up to 76% in 2020 instead of 60% in 2019. The reason for this is attributed to the amount of work done around the home by working parents. The imbalance between spouses meant that women were doing an even more disproportionate share of the housework and childcare these days, prompting them to push for a change.

Particularly hard on new relationships

This year has been particularly hard on newer couples. Like other couples, they are stuck together but do not have the history of the marriage surviving challenges before now. According to statistics cited in several articles, 20% of all divorces in 2020 involved couples married five or fewer months. It would seem that some enjoy the wedding bliss of not sharing a new spouse with other friends or family, but others considered it too much spouse and not enough of their former life.

An available solution

Most law firms have remained open during various shutdowns around the nation. That includes law firm that handle divorce. The divorce process is not easy, but it can be handled via phone, Zoom, email or other means that don’t require face to face contact. The courts in Indiana have likewise adjusted by doing more work remotely.