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Five common causes for semi-truck crashes

It is a cold hard truth that semi-trucks rarely get in fender benders. The vehicle’s size and payload generally lead to severe injury or death for others in cars, SUVs, and pick-ups. Considering how stressful it is to pass or be passed by a large truck on the highway, this danger should come as no surprise.

Common reasons trucks cause crashes

Because we spend so much time in our autos, commuting, running errands or traveling, we tend to forget how dangerous driving is. Trucks on the road are one major reason why:

  • Distraction: Truck drivers are not immune to the distracted driving epidemic. Trucks are dangerous enough, but drivers will take their eyes off the road to check their device, check navigation systems, eat, or because they are fatigued.
  • Inexperience: There is a severe labor shortage in the trucking industry due to a job involving long hours, time away from home and a lot of time sitting in a cab alone. This leads to a lot of turnover in drivers. Despite training, there is no replacing experience when the unexpected occurs.
  • Addiction: The demands of the job lead to higher than average drug and alcohol abuse to pass the time or stay awake. As with any driver, this leaves them impaired.
  • Driving while drowsy: Regulations are currently relaxed due to the pandemic, but drivers were often pushed by tight deadlines, pursuing an unhealthy lifestyle, or taking on extra work.
  • Improper loads: Even responsible drivers can get stuck with a badly loaded truck that lead to cargo shifts, longer braking distances or jackknifes.

Trucking lines and insurers try to minimize settlements

Victims in a truck crash are often severely injured or worse, so companies keep attorneys on retainer to respond quickly to try to quickly settle for less before the victim or medical staff understand the scope of the injuries. Insurance companies also are concerned about their bottom line. Victims often serve their best interests by working with a personal injury attorney who can hold the negligent accountable and secure a fair and equitable settlement.