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What might explain a driver not seeing you and crashing into you?

If someone crashes into you, they either did not see you or did not see you until it was too late to avoid you. Unless, of course, another vehicle knocked them into you.

There are several reasons drivers do not spot other cars. For example, they fell asleep at the wheel, were too drunk to focus, or were not wearing their driving glasses. Yet, more often than not, it is because they were not paying attention.

The distracted driving crash statistics speak for themselves

The National Traffic Highways Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that during 2019, distracted driving played a role in the deaths of over 3,000 people and injuries to another 424,000. Here are some of the ways distraction can occur:

  • Cellphone use: For all the inventions such as handsfree, or air pods, using your phone will still take a large chunk of your attention away from driving.
  • Using other electronic devices: This could be truckers checking their delivery notes on tablets, someone changing the music, or using a GPS to find an address.
  • Other passengers: Young children can be particularly distracting as they try to get their parent’s attention. Yet talking to anyone will take your mind off the road, and turning toward them while doing so, will take your eyes off the road, too. It also applies to pets.

If a driver crashes into you, and you are unsure why consider what may have distracted them. If there is no obvious cause like drunkenness or falling asleep, they were probably not paying sufficient attention. Proving that can help you get the compensation you will need.