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What to do if your colleagues make more than you in the same role

Receiving fair compensation for work done is perhaps one of the most fulfilling aspects of employment. However, when discrimination figures into the picture, remuneration can become a very contentious issue. Unfair compensation can be very damaging to the employee in question as well as the employer. This is why employment discrimination laws are in place to protect employees from potential pay discrimination and ensure that everyone is fairly compensated for their work. 

Broadly, wage discrimination refers to any kind of offense that touches on disparities in compensation. Here are a few steps you can take if you feel you are a victim of wage discrepancy in the workplace. 

Meet with your employer

You must start by addressing your concerns with your employer. You can either approach the management or the HR department. Be sure to file a formal complaint, documenting your concern and why you believe you’re experiencing wage discrimination.

This essentially “puts your employer on notice” and allows them to respond to your concern. If they ignore your concern and decide to take legal action, having proof that you made an effort to have your employer address the problem will come in quite handy. A documented complaint can also be important should your employer resort to retaliatory actions following your complaint. 

Log your wage concerns

Start keeping a journal of what you have learned concerning wage discrimination at your workplace and when you came into that knowledge. Note down the discussions you had with your employer, whom you talked with, and any actions that were taken. Should your complaint end up in court or before EEOC, you will need all the evidence available to prove your case. 

Compensation, wage discrimination, or pay discrimination all mean one thing: you are being paid differently for the same experience and role because of your age, race, disability, religion or other protected class. If you believe you are a victim of pay discrimination, you must know how to address the problem.