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3 tips for managing social media during your divorce

Social media may be a common part of your daily life. You may use it every day to get updates on faraway friends, connect with family, pass time and more.

Even though social media is a commonplace part of everyday life (the Pew Research Center states that 72% of people in the U.S. use some type of social media) navigating these platforms during your divorce can get complicated. These tips can help you use social media carefully during divorce proceedings.

1. Change your passwords

During your marriage, you and your spouse may have shared passwords to different accounts, social media included. As soon as you can, change the password on all your social media accounts to protect your interests during your divorce.

2. Watch what you post

You may feel frustrated and angry at your spouse during your divorce and need to vent these feelings to others. Refrain from posting negatively about your spouse online and talk to a close friend, family member or therapist instead.

3. Adjust your privacy settings

Do not let other people tag you in photographs or posts without your knowledge. Adjust your privacy settings on your social media accounts to prevent unwanted activity from showing up on your profiles.

Trying to manage your social media accounts and your divorce simultaneously can be difficult for logistical and emotional reasons. If needed, stay off of social media (or get rid of your accounts) until you finalize your divorce and come back to it only when you feel ready.