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Accidents caused by road rage are on the rise

Road rage is a serious problem in the U.S. In fact, eight out of every ten drivers have been subjected to a road rage incident at one time or another. Serious injuries as a result of aggressive driving accidents are becoming common occurrences. Now that some states have changed their concealed carry laws, more people than ever are keeping a gun in their car – and every year 30 murders are committed due to road rage.

Part of the problem is that aggressive drivers tend to forget that there is a human sitting behind the wheel of every car that they pass. To them, you and your car are simply an object that is in their way. Should you make the mistake of driving too slowly or unintentionally cutting them off, these drivers go into full-on rages with you as their target. 

How to protect yourself when you’re driving

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself behind the wheel is to stay alert. At the first sign of trouble with an aggressive driver, taking these precautions may protect you from becoming a victim of road rage:

  • Allow the driver to pass. Once they are in front of you, watch out for brake checks.
  • Do not react to an angry driver. Try to ignore the gestures and volatile language being directed at you.
  • Change lanes as soon as possible If you are being tailgated.
  • Do not make eye contact with an aggressive driver. For many of them, this is a trigger that can escalate the situation.

If you end up in injured an accident due to a road rage-related incident call 911 to alert law enforcement to the situation. Discreetly take a photo of the aggressive driver’s license plate and wait for help to arrive. When the situation is under control look into your options for reimbursement of medical bills and other damages.