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A head-on collision can cause these 4 injuries

One of the deadliest types of car accidents is a head-on collision. This type of accident happens when the front ends of two vehicles come into contact. 

Unfortunately, a head-on collision can result in catastrophic injuries or death. This is because both cars often move at high speeds toward each other. When involved in such an accident, you may suffer painful injuries, including:


If a head-on collision happens, your head and neck will be jolted forward as your body stays put if you wear a safety belt. The sudden jerking of your head and neck may damage bones in the spine, ligaments, muscles and nerves. 

A whiplash injury may not be apparent immediately after the accident, but you should seek medical attention if you notice the following signs:

  • Constant headaches
  • Pain in the back, neck and shoulders
  • Weakness

Facial injuries

Even if an airbag deploys, you may still sustain some facial injuries in a head-on collision. Your eye sockets, chin, cheekbones and other facial bones may be fractured if you smash your face on the dashboard or another hard surface. 

Traumatic brain injury

Head-on collisions carry a greater risk for severe brain injuries due to the number of flying objects that can easily penetrate a victim’s head. In addition, the impact force may cause a victim’s brain to bounce inside the skull. While a person may survive such a brain injury, the affected parts of the brain may never be the same. 

Chest injuries

A head-on collision may force the vehicle to come to a sudden stop. However, although most cars come with crumple zones to minimize the severity of injuries, they cannot protect a person from chest injuries. These injuries may come from impact with objects inside the car or when the seatbelt exerts pressure on the chest and fractures the ribs. 

A head-on collision can affect all aspects of your life, from spending time away from work to incurring huge medical expenses. This is why you need legal guidance to help you seek compensation for your injuries.