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Protecting Individuals Who Hold Companies Accountable

In the corporate world, it can feel as though your employer has all the power. Pointing out illegal activity can seem impossibly risky. Many people do not come forward because they fear they will lose their jobs in retaliation. Let us make one thing very clear: if you are coming forward with information under whistleblower laws, retaliation is illegal.

Our attorneys have over 120 years of experience with many facets of employment law. We understand the value and complexities of whistleblower claims and empathize with the stress you are likely feeling. At our firm, we are proud of our thorough work and attention to detail. If you are coming forward with a whistleblower claim, or are being retaliated against for such a claim, contact us as soon as possible.

Who Does Whistleblower Law Protect?

Congress enacted federal whistleblower protections over 100 years ago so that American workers could safely come forward when their employers break the law. Most whistleblowers come forward to report corporate fraud, but many claims include issues like:

  • Violations of environmental regulations
  • Illegal employment practices at a systemic level
  • Dangerous and illegal workplace safety practices

Federal and state laws exist nationwide to provide express protections for workers against employer retaliation. This includes retaliatory firing, harassment, denial of pay or workplace advancement, and other retaliatory acts.

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