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Helping Our Neighbors Recover From Pedestrian Accidents

Sidewalks, street crossings and parking lots should all be safe places for pedestrians. Unfortunately, not all drivers pay attention to or respect these areas. Instead, thousands of pedestrians sustain injuries annually, many due to distracted or inattentive driving. If you or a loved one is injured while walking, there may be a way to obtain support during recovery.

Hassler Kondras Miller LLP is a decades-old Indiana legal institution. Founded in 1932, our firm is known for strong representation and a dedication to justice. We fight on behalf of the injured and maximize legal support settlements. Reach our firm at 877-656-7602.

The Details Matter

Many experienced attorneys will tell you that insurance companies are most concerned with their profitability. Because insurance companies have many resources, they often have the power to present evidence in ways that only serve their interests or to suppress unfavorable evidence. At our firm, we are thorough personal injury advocates. We conduct independent work to collect:

  • Physical evidence at the scene of the accident
  • Testimony from witnesses
  • Full medical evaluations and medical evidence
  • Police reports and other relevant documents

Our attorneys are meticulous. We understand that a detailed approach to your case can make all the difference in court.

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