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Making Sense Of Your Legal Rights After A Truck Accident

Trucks make up a significant percentage of the traffic on Indiana’s roads and highways. Collisions between trucks and passenger cars — or even trucks and other trucks — are bound to occur. These accidents often take an extreme toll on everyone involved. Whether you suffered life-altering injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you can benefit from having an experienced attorney guide you through the legal process, acting as your ally each step of the way.

The legal team at Hassler Kondras Miller LLP in Terre Haute can help you pursue the insurance benefits and compensation you deserve. Mark D. Hassler has a long history of experience representing victims of catastrophic truck accident cases. He understands how to build a strong case from the outset by:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation to find out what contributed to the accident
  • Gathering the right evidence, including data from the truck’s “black box”
  • Furnishing compelling proof of the harm you have suffered, physically, emotionally and financially
  • Enlisting expert witnesses when helpful and appropriate

With a background in insurance defense, Mark knows how both sides approach these cases, and he will use that knowledge to your advantage.

Are You A Truck Driver Injured In An Accident?

When you make a living behind the wheel, you face a greater likelihood of being involved in an accident. Serious injuries can leave you unable to work and struggling to make ends meet.

Depending on your situation, you may have not only a personal injury claim against other drivers but also a workers’ compensation claim through your employer. We can help you pursue both types of claims to maximize your recovery.

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