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We Are Proud to Help Indiana Families With Adoption

Adoption can be a beautiful, but emotionally draining process. Your family structure is changing, and the legal process often does not pause for you to mentally, spiritually or emotionally catch up. At Hassler Kondras Miller LLP, our attorneys focus on you. We care about your needs and will guide you through adoption proceedings with careful attention to detail.

Our firm has been providing Indiana families with legal aid for almost 90 years. We work closely with you to determine what is best for you and your family. Call us today and schedule your appointment.

Creating A Path For Your Child

Adoption should always be a careful and well-thought-out process. Adoption can be joyous, but is also logistically challenging and can be based in a significant loss. We ensure your legal proceedings are smooth and follow a clearly expressed path you can depend upon.

Our services include:

  • Patient and extensive explanations for your adoption questions
  • Planning adoption proceedings, including for families currently acting as guardian for a child
  • Prompt and thorough legal filing
  • Comprehensive representation from initial filings through to adoption closure

Our attorneys pledge to be respectful of your family’s needs. Let us help you build your family’s future.

Reaching Our Offices

To contact our legal team, you can call 877-656-7602 or reach us through our online contact form. We take great pride in serving Indiana families as they grow and change.