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Making The Road Safer For Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are at high risk when on the road. Automobile drivers often take them for granted or simply fail to look for motorcyclists. As a result, motorcyclists find themselves in dangerous situations often through no fault of their own, and motorcycle accident injuries are substantially more severe than many other accident injuries.

Hassler Kondras Miller LLP is acutely aware of motorcyclists and the catastrophic injuries to which the highway exposes them. We strive to obtain optimal compensation for motorcyclists because the roads should be safe for everyone. Our lawyers are ready to hear from you. Send us an email today.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are subject to significantly more critical and long-lasting injuries than other motorists because they are more vulnerable to accidents. As a result, financial help is often critical. Our lawyers take personal injury claims seriously and will advocate for you. We often help motorcyclists whose accident caused injuries, including:

  • Compound fractures, including those requiring surgery
  • Serious muscle injuries and wounds
  • Brain trauma and spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries leading to death

If someone else’s inattentive, distracted or reckless driving caused your injuries, you may be eligible for financial support through your recovery. Our attorneys can review your case and develop a strategy that is personalized to you and your needs.

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